XBMC Addon: Tiny Tiny RSS Reader Client

As an enthusiatic user of ‘Tiny Tiny RSS’, I always wanted to have a client for XBMC too.

I’m already using the web-client and also both of the Android-clients to read my feeds “everywhere”. I love the functionality “to star” or label an article not regarding which client I use.

Unfortunatly there is no addon for XBMC-TTRSS, yet… Now there is ;-)

This is my first addon for XBMC. Some features are still missing, of course. But the addon works on my environment very well:

  • XBMC 10.0 (Dharma) – PVR-Edition (Linux)
  • TTRSS 1.5.5
  • Edit from 2013-04-01: Also tested with XBMC 12.1 (Frodo)


  • List of all Feeds
  • Read article
    • set star/unstar
    • set as read/unread
  • Already read articles are not listed on the next “session”

Things to know

  • Currently only in german translation
  • Articles are only shown in plain-text, means no images or graphical HTML-highlights
  • Currently you have to set your article manually as read (this, what I wanted at the moment)
  • When you’ve set your article as read, it will stay in the list of the feed until you re-enter it again…

Some screenshots

XBMC Addon TTRSS: List of feeds
XBMC Addon TTRSS: List of feeds



XBMC Addon TTRSS: Unread articles
XBMC Addon TTRSS: Unread articles


XBMC Addon TTRSS: Article content
XBMC Addon TTRSS: Article content





























  • Download the 7z-archive from here
  • Download the zip archive (Version 0.0.2 xbmc_ttrss_addon_002_1) to a temporary folder and extract the content (e. g. C:\Temp or /home/[user]/temp.
    The folder have to contain two zip files:

    • script.module.simplejson.zip
    • plugin.program.ttrss.zip
  • install the add-ons via XBMC
    extract the extracted zip’s and move the folders to [user home folder]/.xbmc/addons

    install a add-on via XBMC
    install a add-on via XBMC






Version 0.0.2 with some Bugfixing for running with XBMC >= 13.2 (see changelog.txt for details  and download above)

Posted on: 20. Januar 2012, by : PatSch

14 thoughts on “XBMC Addon: Tiny Tiny RSS Reader Client

    1. Bei Eden bin ich leider noch nicht, weil es noch kein TV-Plugin-Version gibt….
      Vllt. komme ich mal dazu es “Eden”-tauglich zu machen :smile:

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